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How to Choose Exterior Paint Color

How to Choose Exterior Paint Color

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June 12, 2006

Learn how to choose exterior paint color everyone will love.

Does your home's exterior need a facelift? Learning how to choose exterior paint color will help you have the best looking home on the block.

If you've never thought about how to choose exterior paint color, the task can be overwhelming. Not to fear. Just a few basic tricks and you'll have just the colors you want in no time.

Let's start with an overall evaluation of your home's exterior. There are normally three basic sections, the main siding or material, the trim, and then there's the area many overlook: accents. The type of exterior of your home will determine to a large part how to choose exterior paint color. If you have mostly brick, you may not want to paint anything but the trim and a few accents. If your home has siding (vinyl or otherwise), then your choices begin to expand.

Another factor when learning how to choose exterior paint color is the type of house you plan to paint. Is it an older home, historic, Victorian? The architectural style and design of your home can play a big role in your color theme. What color is the roof? Are there any imperfections in your home, you won't be correcting before you paint? Sometimes changing the color of an area can make it a focal point, so if there's a few problems here and there you'll want to choose colors that don't highlight those areas.

Once you've evaluated your home and have begun to think about actual colors, When taking into account your exterior paint colors, start with how many different shades you need. Some homes need three or more different, the main siding, trim, and accents.

How to Choose Exterior Paint Color

How to choose exterior paint color for a small house is simple, it is best to stick with a light color. Light colors will make your home seem bigger. Whatever color you choose it is important for it to be balanced and not too one-dimensional. This is where accents can really make a difference. Things like adding shutters, exterior door colors, and trim colors. Even though technology and paint quality has improved, dark colors are known to fade in extreme weather conditions. Think carefully about choosing a darker color.

Once you have a general idea in mind, go to your local home improvement center. Many have software packages you can purchase to help you create your own unique color scheme. Some even have the screens and software right in the store so you can test out your choices.

Testing is crucial. Even if you are sure the color you chose in the store is perfect, take a little bit home first and test it on an area of the house. Take some time and look at it periodically throughout the day in different lighting to make sure you are willing to stick with the color after it is all over your house. That way if you decide it doesn't look like you thought it would, then you can go back and try another. It's not like you bought gallons of it right?

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