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How to Caulk Siding and Other Exterior Areas

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September 8, 2006

Points to remember as you learn how to caulk siding.

Caulking siding is very important to ensure proper vapor and moisture barriers for your home. When learning how to caulk siding it is best to keep the purpose of the task in mind. The purpose, of course, is to fill the cracks and seams that cause your home to lose air. This is an incredibly important task so it is important to do it properly and with care.

When learning how to caulk siding you will find that caulk can come in different colors and in two different containers: the cylinder and the squeeze tube. The cylinder container requires a caulk gun to apply the caulk where as the squeeze tube is simply squeezed out straight to the target.

No matter what caulk you use or what you are caulking when you learn how to caulk siding you can caulk and protect almost anything. Here are some basic steps to follow that work every time.

How to Caulk Siding

For a more accurate application use a caulk gun and follow the directions on the caulk cartridge. The directions will tell you how much of the tip to cut off in order for the caulk to come out correctly. It is usually around a 1/4" to 1/8".

Before you apply any caulk you should remove old sealant and clean the area to ensure a proper seal. It is always best if the area is primed before caulk is applied. Fill all the cracks completely including the bottom to avoid bubbles from forming. If your crack is not filled within the first application, re-apply. You can always use the tip to smooth your line all the way across for that straight, professional look.

When learning how to caulk siding, you must not forget the other exterior areas that may need some caulk as well. Areas such as the joints between the chimney, eaves, windows, doorframes, siding corners, masonry and concrete areas should be included in your project. Take a glance around other parts of the house that may also need some attention if you have extra caulk.

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