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The Challenges of House Designs for Corner Lot

The Challenges of House Designs for Corner Lot

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August 19, 2008

It's always exciting when you discover the perfect piece of land for your family's home.  Of course, the qualifications for what perfect means are going to vary from person to person.  Each lot is unique and comes with its own benefits and challenges.  If you have discovered the right place for your home and it happens to be on a corner lot, you can bet you will need some house designs for corner lot construction to make the most of the space.  Unlike the more traditional lots with houses on both sides, living on the corner has some unusual concerns that go along with it.

House Designs for Corner Lot

Most houses are only visible from the street from the front.  Naturally, the rest of the exterior of the house is maintained, but the sides and back aren't the show pieces of the house.  When you are dealing with house designs for corner lot life, you have to consider that a lot more of the house is going to be visible.  That means features for visual interest should be added to the sides of the home that show to the street.  Not only is it more pleasant for passersby, but it is also more pleasant to you.

Another feature that makes house designs for corner lot spaces unique is that the landscaping needs are different.  Those that live on the corner face having less privacy as people decide to use your yard as a shortcut to the other street.  Your landscaper is sure to suggest planting a hedge along the sidewalk side instead of along the house to prevent just anyone from wandering around your yard.  To give a unified look to your yard, you could also have an ornamental tree planted where the streets intersect to bring the look of house and corner lot together. 

House designs for corner lot construction should encompass the unique challenges that go along with this kind of land. 

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