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What to Look for in Hot Tub Covers

What to Look for in Hot Tub Covers

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July 15, 2008

It's only natural to be so excited about a fun purchase like a hot tub that you forget about the finer points in taking care of it.  After all, if it doesn't jet water and make you feel good, it really isn't important right?  Of course, maintenance on your hot tub is important, especially if you want a long life from it.  Hot tub covers are just one of the things you have to look at for protecting your investment.  Those wonderful jets aren't going to be able to do their jobs if you don't take care of the whole hot tub.  Take a look at some of the types of covers you can find for your needs and to keep your hot tub in perfect working order.

Hot Tub Covers

If your hot tub is outside your home, looking at the hot tub covers is going to be essential.  Just like with a pool, you have to protect your hot tub from ending up with leaves, twigs, and other outdoor debris.  In those months when you are using your hot tub a lot, you might want to think about investing in a soft cover.  They are easy to put on and take off and often are designed much like a tarp. Hard covers are popular as well; you will need one for the off season or when the hot tub isn't seeing a lot of use.  Hard covers can be hard to manage alone though.

Regardless of whether you purchase the soft or hard cover, you should be sure to ask the dealer about the materials used to make the hot tub covers.  Naturally, you want to buy a cover that is going to be effective and last for years.  Any fabric used to make hot tub covers should be water resistant and able to withstand the effects of prolonged sun exposure.  Vinyl coated fabrics are usually great for this purpose. 

Take a look at the hot tub covers and make sure your questions get answered.  You have to protect your investment.

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