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Home Security Tips for Front Doors and Entry Doors

Home Security Tips for Front Doors and Entry Doors

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June 14, 2010

When you think about being burglarized, you probably imagine criminals sneaking around the back or the side of your house. But front doors can be a target too. Burglars really just want an easy point of entry so they can get in and out of your home as quickly as possible without being detected.

To help maintain your home security, avoid the following:

  • Hollow core doors for your front door or other entry doors, which can easily be kicked in without drawing much attention.
  • Sidelight panels or glass paneled doors. Burglars can smash the glass and reach in to open the door.
  • Sliding doors, which can be lifted off their tracks.
  • Doors fitted with the hinges on the outside--a burglar can simply unscrew the hinges and remove the door.
  • Providing cover for burglars. Make sure front doors and entry doors are well lighted and un-obscured by plants and other objects.
  • Leaving the keys to your home, garage, or car on a table or peg inside your front door or near an open window. Thieves can use a stick or wire to reach through your window, post box, or pet entrance if you have one, pick up your keys, and use them to enter your home or garage, or take your car.

Ideally, front doors and entry doors should be made of solid wood or steel and fit snugly into the door frame, which should be made from the same material. Use double-cylinder deadbolt locks on front doors and entry doors, especially if they have a window near them, because a key is required to open them from the outside and the inside.

Be vigilant but don't live in fear.

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