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7 Home Repairs that Simply Cannot Wait

7 Home Repairs that Simply Cannot Wait

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April 1, 2010

How often have you seen a small repair problem around your house and made a mental note to do something about it, but never got around to it? The longer you hold off on those minor home repairs, the bigger they could become, and then you have a serious financial issue.

Small Repairs to Make Right Now!

Don't fall into the trap of paying big bucks for a major repair that would have cost only a few dollars if you caught the problem in time. Here are a few repairs that require your quick attention:

  1. Dry and splintering wood floors. Over time, your wood floors can weather to a mellow patina--but without proper care, that handsome look can turn to splinters and dry, cracking wood. Avoid this with regular sanding and coats of polyurethane to protect the floor.
  2. Soft deck boards. Soft and bowed deck boards are a first sign of rot and instability. Inspect your deck by walking on every board, and if you feel one of them "give" a bit more than others, it's time to replace it before the minor problem becomes a major hazard.
  3. Bowed or damaged clapboard. Clapboard that does not fit properly can let water in, leading to decay and insect damage. Inspect your clapboard regularly and replace any boards that are bowed or damaged.
  4. Peeling paint. Blistered or peeling paint can cause the wood underneath it to rot. Remedy this situation by putting a fresh coat of paint on all the areas that seem to be deteriorating.
  5. Gutter clogs. Clogged gutters can't channel water away from your home like they should, and the result is often water damage to your foundation and exterior walls. Empty out your gutters every year during the spring and fall.
  6. Old caulking and grout. Old caulking might allow water in to the area around your tub and shower, leading to serious mold problems. Old grout can lead to water damage under your carefully-laid tiles. Avoid this by keeping your grout and caulk fresh and new.
  7. Unruly trees. If tree branches hang over your home, they can lead to significant damage during a storm. They also provide ample opportunity for squirrels, rats, and the like to invade your home. Avoid this major problem by trimming the trees that are a potential hazard.

Check every spring and fall for these minor repairs, and make them as quickly as you can. The sooner you follow up, the easier it is to keep your home looking beautiful.

About the author:  Shannon Dauphin is a freelance writer based near Nashville, Tennessee. Her house was built in 1901, so home repair and renovation have become her hobbies.


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