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About Home Insulation Ratings

About Home Insulation Ratings

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September 22, 2008

As if home ownership didn't already have its moments of confusion, now you are trying to figure out what home insulation ratings mean and what they have to do with your house.  Plenty of fun times ahead for you.  Seriously though, learning about the home insulation ratings is just another way for you to be an educated homeowner and understand the ways your home could benefit from higher quality insulation.  Sometimes the best way to learn is in small doses, so here is some good general information to get you started to understanding which insulation is best for your home.

The first key to understanding home insulation ratings is to know the definition of the term.  These ratings are used to measure how effective the different grades of home insulation are in terms of their ability to resist heat movement.  When you think about it, your home's insulation should be able to block heat from escaping in the winter and limit how much heat enters the home from the outside in the summer.  Many people make the mistake of thinking the heavier or thicker the insulation is the better it will protect them.  You should actually be looking at the product's R value, as this is a better tool for determining the grade of the insulation.

Home Insulation Ratings

As we just discussed the R value is more important than the thickness or weight of the insulation.  The home insulation ratings are in place to make your decision easier to make.  The R value you should be looking for depends on the general climate of the area in which you live.  For most North American homes, it is recommended to use insulation with an R value of R-12.  That is the most commonly used rating.  It is also important to note that any water or moisture leaks in your home will diminish the effectiveness of any grade of insulation.  If you are looking to improve the energy efficiency of your home, stopping those leaks will be of paramount importance.

The home insulation ratings are there to guide you in determining what is best for your home.  Remember to check the R value and not the weight of the product you are considering.  If you do decide to replace your insulation, your heating and air conditioning bills are certain to be drastically reduced.

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