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The Right Home Insulation Can Help You Control Your Home's Temperature

The Right Home Insulation Can Help You Control Your Home's Temperature

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October 2, 2007

Home insulation is just as important to a house as the hot water heater or double paned windows or any of the other house components.  Without insulation you waste a lot of energy and run up your utility bills unnecessarily.  But not everyone realizes that home insulation should be in a lot more than the walls.  Your attic, crawlspace, garage and walls should all be insulated.

Home insulation is important for keeping your energy bills as low as possible, but it's also contributes to keeping the house draft free.  Improperly insulated homes often have lots of cold spots and uncomfortable temperature spots where air leaks through the walls, around windows or from the attic or crawlspace.

Home Insulation

Keeping your home properly insulated also helps your air units to work efficiently.  When you have a drafty house, the air and heating units must constantly work to maintain the temperature set on the thermostat.  This can get very expense over time.

You can learn to insulate your home yourself, or replace or add insulation as a pre-winter precaution.  If you use cellulose insulation which is blown in, you will probably need to hire professional insulation contractors.  Either way, insulation is one of the cheapest improvements you can make to a house to reduce energy costs and get ready for temperatures to drop.

When you begin your home insulation project, start at the top and work your way down.  The attic is the part of the house that gets the brunt of heat from the sun hitting the roof and heat rising from the house.  There are charts you can access that will tell you how much R-value you should have in your attic.  You can install either roll or blown cellulose insulation.  Don't forget to keep any vents free of insulation.  Also, blown insulation is a lot "messier" than rolled insulation so if you have to go into your attic frequently you may want to stick with rolled insulation or a combination of rolled and blown.

Anyone can add rolled insulation to walls during construction or remodel.  You just place the insulation between framing studs.  But if your house is already completed and you want to add blown cellulose home insulation, you'll need a contractor to blow it into the walls from the attic.  Once the walls are insulated, you can then make sure the crawlspace is adequately insulated.  Like the walls, you can use rolled insulation between floor joists.

It is recommended you finish and insulate the ceiling and walls of your garage.  Otherwise, the garage will get very hot or cold and affect the temperature of your house.  You can insulate the garage just like you insulate the house.

Home insulation is critical to the comfort of your home.  Most homeowners can do their own home insulation job saving money on contractors.  Properly insulating your home can save you a lot of money on your utility bills.

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