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Holiday Remodeling Ideas to Start Now

Holiday Remodeling Ideas to Start Now

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December 10, 2008

Just when you were all prepared to pull out the holiday decorations and get started on enjoying this time of year, you realized your house doesn't look quite like you want it to.  It seems rather counterproductive to put all of your bright and shining decorative items in a house that looks shabby. Not to worry, maybe it's just time for some holiday remodeling.

With the right help and ideas, your house can be ready to sport any elegant holiday decorations you want to throw at it.  Of course, any improvements you have done now will benefit your house throughout the year.  Consider your home's makeover your holiday gift to yourself.  Take a look at some of the fast, cost effective ways a general contractor can improve the appearance of your home in time for the holidays.   

One area of the house that really gets a lot of attention during the holidays is the mantle.  Even if you don't have stockings hung there, mantles make a natural place to put special keepsakes you want everyone to see. You can have your general contractor replace or cover the existing mantle with new wood beam or ledge.  It's a sure bet your collection of snow globes will look perfect sitting up there.  Of course, the fireplace itself might need a new look as well. 

Fireplace renovations are fairly common projects. Consider having it covered with faux rock, granite, or whatever material appeals to you most.  If you have a brick or wood fireplace you might want to consider a new coat of paint, or a new finish to spruce up the space. That might even be a quick project to tackle by yourself over a weekend. There are lots of options, so you are sure to find one that works for you.

Ready for Some Quick Holiday Remodeling? We've Got Ideas for You!

Now that the fireplace is looking its holiday best, it's time to turn your attention to some additional holiday remodeling.  It's no secret that walls can look dingy in a hurry.  This time of year, the idea is to sparkle in every way.  Talk to your contractor about adding some wainscoting to one wall of the room or choose a faux finish paint application you love. Even a something simple as a new color scheme can make your room seem brand new. 

Doe the outside of your home need a facelift? Repairing old window frames might be a great choice. And, if you really want to make a difference, you can replace your windows entirely. A minor window replacement could leave your windows looking shiny and new from the outside and in.

With all the cold in the air, you're probably blasting your heater to keep it warm. Yet, you might feel dismayed when you receive your heating bill. To avoid this kind of shock, consider remodeling your home's energy use. Insulating, replacing old windows, and weatherstripping windows and doors can all help lower your energy costs. For more tips check out some more green ways to remodel your home.

With just a few extra touches here and there, your home can be holiday ready in no time.  If you are ready to start a project, it's time to consult a local professional. Want more ideas? Check out our other home remodeling articles and resources.

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