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Hints on Caulking for Concrete

Hints on Caulking for Concrete

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August 23, 2007

Concrete is a great material, but because it is porous, it can crack over time.  The reason for these cracks is usually wear and weather.  If you have large cracks in your concrete, you should repair them with caulk as soon as you notice them.  The process of using caulking for concrete is relatively simple, involving simply cleaning the crack and applying the caulk.  Anyone can do this simple home repair to driveways or sidewalks.

Caulking for concrete is a relatively simple process, but you will definitely need to use it in the right situation and also use the right tools.  Caulking for concrete should only be done on cracks that are over ¼ of an inch or 6mm long.  For smaller cracks, a different repair method like concrete patching compound should be used.  For concrete, the best caulking tools are a caulking gun and siliconized latex concrete caulk.  These can be purchased at any home remodeling or hardware store.

Caulking for Concrete

The first step in caulking for concrete is to clean the crack.  Use a screwdriver for the initial cleaning step.  Find any chips or concrete flakes and remove them using the screwdriver.  Now you will need a wire brush.  Take the wire brush and dry-scrub the crack.  The purpose for this step is to remove any loose debris from the crack.  If you get any debris, large or small, in the caulk, it will not seal as tightly and water could seep back into the crack and make it larger later on.  Once you have cleaned the crack completely, rinse it out with a garden hose to flush away any remaining debris.

Now you're ready to begin caulking for concrete.  Use the caulking gun and force the caulk deep into the crack, filling the entire crack.  You want to be sure you fill it completely, as deep and as long as it goes.  Since caulk does not need to be leveled, you are pretty much done.  The caulk will expand into the crack and level itself.  Just let it dry!

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