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A Healthy Basement Renovation: Build Yourself a Home Gym

A Healthy Basement Renovation: Build Yourself a Home Gym

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March 5, 2010

Among the more energetic basement remodeling ideas floating around now is the use of a qualified basement remodeling contractor to build a suitable space for a home gym. Basement waterproofing leads the list for completing this basement renovation the right way. Can you imagine breathing in dust and mildew while amping up your heartbeat on a treadmill?

If your basement has adequate drainage, lighting, heating, ventilation, waterproofed floors, pipes, and walls, you might consider completing the gym transformation on your own. But in most cases, you should call in a qualified basement remodeling contractor to design, bid, and complete the project. There are plenty of benefits to finishing a basement.

The Health-Related Basement Renovation, Simplified

Having a basement gym is a great idea. It can increase your home's value and bring the workout to you. No driving to the gym on hot or wickedly cold mornings. No membership fees. No excuses.

Before you do anything, can you claim that your basement is dry enough? It may not suffice to install a dehumidifier alone. Have a remodeling contractor conduct a thorough inspection. One thing you may not want, despite how appealing it may be, is a carpet for your basement gym. Instead, consider concrete floors or rubber flooring with adequate padding when finishing a basement.

Even outdoor or tough carpeting may show its wear under the stress and weight of workout equipment, and you may spend more time working out the mildew problem than you do working off fat.

The first step is to determine your workout routine and equipment needs. Are you going for cardio or installing a weight room, too? If your space is too confined for a treadmill or elliptical trainer, perhaps a stationary bicycle will do. Is the electrical supply adequate to power gym equipment, new overall lighting, task lighting, alternate heaters, air conditioners, fans, stereo equipment, televisions, water coolers, refrigerators, etc.? A good basement remodeling contractor can help you answer these questions.

You don't necessarily need a huge basement to consider adding a home gym. Even a small basement can benefit from some fun basement remodeling ideas.

More Basement Renovation Considerations

Is there room, ample electricity, and plumbing to add a bathroom stall or small shower? Or, do you want to add a hot tub or sauna? Perhaps you'll just put in a small workout room and segment other sections of the finished basement for laundry, a children's gaming center, or basement office.

After your basement renovation is finished, it's time to furnish your new space. When it comes to workout equipment, you can always shop for used gear to help cut the overall basement renovation cost. You can add better-quality treadmills or weight sets when you know that you'll use the gym.


About the author: Woodrow Aames has written articles and profiles for Yahoo, Microsoft Network, Microsoft Encarta, and other websites and print magazines around the world. He holds an MFA degree and has taught English abroad.

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