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Enhancing a Room with a Hardwood Flooring Design Pattern

Enhancing a Room with a Hardwood Flooring Design Pattern

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December 18, 2007

When you create a hardwood flooring design pattern, a room can come alive!  Instead of simply laying strips of wood in a staggered pattern, you can add many special features to your floor which only serve to showcase the beauty of the wood flooring.  The pattern you use in your flooring design can make a room look larger or smaller, outline special areas you want to feature, or enhance the décor of the entire living space.  You have to think outside the routine and discover a world of hardwood flooring accent pieces and design ideas that will make people wonder who you hired for your interior decorator.

It's possible to install a hardwood floor yourself with some study and a bit of practice.  It needs to be done correctly in order to prevent the wood flooring pieces from floating or coming loose over time.  When you add a design pattern to the floor, installation gets more complicated.  It's usually better to hire a professional contractor in those situations.  A flooring installer has the necessary tools and knowledge to insure your wood flooring is properly set for endurance. 

Hardwood Flooring Design Pattern

There are many techniques that have been developed to create various patterns in wood floors.  Wood flooring comes in strips or squares, but there are also other pattern pieces you can buy.  These include inlaid wood which is a wood strip with another type of wood added as a strip or design.  Medallions are wood pieces that can be scattered throughout the floor as an accent piece or added as a border in certain areas you want to highlight.

Of course, you can create a flooring pattern just by using different colors of wood.  Some people border a room with a different color of wood than the main wood floor.  Border pieces can also be used to highlight a particular area or as trim pieces around room features such as a fireplace.  Some people lay elaborate patterns that require knowledge of geometric designs.  For example, a herringbone design is beautiful but tricky to install correctly. Easier patterns can be achieved by using wood parquet flooring tiles which have the design already created in the tile. One very popular hardwood flooring design pattern is to create a border like a picture frame in the floor that can hold an area rug. 

Hardwood flooring can be purchased in a wide variety of colors.  You can mix and match pieces of flooring to create a stunning pattern.  But even if you don't want to use accent pieces, just by changing the direction of the flooring pieces at critical spots can make a room look larger and add a flowing style to the house décor.

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