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Hardwood Flooring Can Transform the Aesthetics and Value of Your Home

Hardwood Flooring Can Transform the Aesthetics and Value of Your Home

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November 28, 2005

Learn how to choose just the right hardwood flooring no matter your style or budget

It's time to re-do your flooring. You're tired of the carpet and you're thinking instead of installing hardwood flooring. These few tips will help you make the perfect choice to suit your style, functionality, and your budget.

Your floor is the most used part of your home. You'll want to be sure your choices include just the right blend of beauty, personality, and practicality to meet all your demands. Taking a bit of extra time when choose your hardwood flooring boards will ensure that you've made the right choice for years to come.

The first step when choosing hardwood flooring is to consider the area you want covered. Take the basic measurements of the area. This will give you a rough estimate of how much flooring you'll need. Other factors may affect the amount you'll need, but this will give you a rough estimate. It's always good to buy a little more than your calculations, just to allow for any unexpected events during installation or later.

Next, you should set your budget. There's an amazing array of varieties, qualities, and styles of hardwood flooring from which you'll be making your choices. Having a set amount determined before you start your selection will help narrow your search and allow you to concentrate more on the style statement and practical aspects of your potential choices.

Hardwood Flooring

Be sure to consider the length of time you're planning to live in your current home when establishing your budget. Planning a move in three to five years could help determine just how much you're willing to invest.

Another factor to consider is whether you're planning to install the flooring yourself or hire a contractor to do the work. You'll also want to consider the condition of your sub-flooring and determine whether any pads or minor repairs will need to be made in that area.

Now we're ready to begin the search. There are multiple decisions to make as you choose your hardwood flooring. First off, consider the type of wood you want. Some commonly used woods are: white oak, red oak, American cherry, maple, ash, birch, black walnut, and Brazilian cherry. Then there's the type of hardwood flooring board you want: resilient, comfortable cork, solid hardwood, or laminate are just a few of your choices. Each variety has it's own level of functionality, care and maintenance and pricing.

Once you find two or three you think you like, don't make a final decision until you bring samples home to make sure your choice is providing you the desired effect. Lighting and other aspects of your home can have a major impact on your floor's appearance. Be sure to test it before you commit.

Taking the time to carefully consider your options when choosing hardwood flooring, will give you the tools you need to assure you're delighted with your final choice.

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