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Hardwood Floor Protection - Tips to Keep Your Hardwood Flooring Looking Great

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December 8, 2005

Choosing wood flooring is a beautiful and sometimes expensive choice. You want to do everything you can to make sure they stay protected and appealing for years to come.

Most manufacturers have specific recommendation for hardwood floor protection and care. It is important to follow these instructions as closely as possible to preserve the life of your floor.

One very important step in hardwood floor protection is to keep as much dirt off the floor as possible. Most of today's flooring has excellent polymer sealers as the topcoat. This multi-layer sealant will do much to keep moisture and stains from your floors. Even with this excellent protective barrier, you should still make every effort to use good hardwood floor protection measures.

Sweeping your floor daily is one very good preventative measure. Even though you may not visually see any dirt on the floor, it is most likely present. The smallest of particles over time will cause wear and tear on the manufacturers hardwood floor protection. The wear will show up as a dulling or unclear appearance.

Hardwood Floor Protection

As you dust and clean your floor, it is important to use only products specifically designed for hardwood. Be sure to use a cleaning method that is recommended for the finish of your floor. Polyurethane and water based urethanes require different cleaning methods than if your hardwood is protected with wax or oil. No hardwood floor should be cleaned with water, only damp mop.

One good hardwood floor protection practice is to use rugs and mats in high traffic areas. Another is to keep pet's nails trimmed, so as not to scratch your hardwood. Also, don't let spills remain on the floor. Liquids should be removed immediately.

When moving furniture, don't drag it over hardwood floors. Lift the furniture and set to place. Use protective contacts under furniture to prevent scratches.

By maintaining regular hardwood floor protection practices, your floor will retain their beauty and look great for years.

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