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Handling Dry Rot Repair

Handling Dry Rot Repair

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June 8, 2007

Dry rot repair is no fun for anyone, especially when it's affecting your home as well as your life.  But when you find that you have a problem, you do need to tackle it quickly in order to prevent permanent damage to your home.  If you feel that you need dry rot repair, here are some things that you will want to keep in mind as you are looking over your home:

Dry rot repair begins with identifying the rot in the first place.  Rot sometimes looks like darkened pieces of wood, black mold and mildew or simply indentations in the wood.  If you were to poke a metal piece into the wood, you would feel the wood give way easily.  If you notice that some wood appears to be rotted, you may also want to assume that surrounding pieces of wood are also in trouble, even if they're not showing any obvious signs yet.

Dry Rot Repair

To handle smaller dry rot repair projects, you will need a sharp tool and some wood filler.  Simply use the tool to scrape away the rot and then fill the remaining space with the filler.  If you like, you might also want to fill in the space with a fungicide as well as some special dry rot oils to keep the filler from infiltrating the rest of the wood and sinking.  Apply the fungicide first, then the oil, and then an appropriate wood filler.  This will allow you to protect the wood from future harm as well as treat the rot that is already there.

If the dry rot repair project appears to be larger than your tube of wood filler, you might want to consider completely replacing the wood.  You can call in a dry rot treatment specialist to handle the work or you can remove the offending piece of wood yourself.  When you do replace the wood, be sure it is pretreated with a water resistant stain as well as installed when conditions are dry.  This will help to maximize your protection against further dry rot.

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