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Easy Floor Installs: No Need for Grouting With Vinyl Floor Tile

Easy Floor Installs: No Need for Grouting With Vinyl Floor Tile

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May 28, 2008

Are you in the midst of a remodeling project and considering your flooring options? Well, a great option for many avid DIY homeowners is vinyl floor tiles. Why are they so popular? Vinyl floor tiles don't need to be grouted!  This offers you a lot of benefits over traditional tiling, while also saving you from having to invest time in learning complicated home improvement techniques.  Keep reading to learn more about this easy install flooring option.

First of all, not grouting vinyl floor tile saves you not only time, but money as well.  You won't need to spend money on grout, and you'll also avoid purchasing materials to seal or tools to apply the grout.  All you need to do with vinyl tiling is to measure it out, cut it to fit your floor, apply the adhesive, and then push to set into place.  Once it dries, it's all done.

Grouting Vinyl Floor Tile

Vinyl floor tile also ensures that your tile always looks crisp and even, with little maintenance required.  You only need to wipe up the tile instead of having to scrub the grout to make sure it stays the proper color.  You can also replace pieces of your tile that get damaged instead of having to remove large sections and start over.

Without having to learn about grouting vinyl floor tile, you can spend more time doing other household projects, or whatever else you want to do with your newly found free time. Because vinyl tile is so simple to install, it's a project you can complete in one afternoon, rather than over the course of weeks.  This is a great flooring option if you're looking for a quick turn around without sacrificing quality.

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