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Using Great Front Porch Designs

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January 17, 2007

Great Front Porch Designs Add Personality to Any Home

Front porches conjure up images of enjoying warm summer days, drinking lemonade, and relaxing with family and friends.  Adding a porch makes any home seem more inviting to guests, and lends an extra punch of curb appeal that's sure to be noticed by passersby.  Whether you're ready to spruce up the porch you already have, or add something brand new, great front porch designs will help you achieve the results you want from your new addition.

Choosing the Right Porch Design 

Your front porch should add to the current style of your home, so making sure you choose a design that will not detract from your home's current style and beauty is important. Whether you want a rustic country feel with rocking chairs and a swing or a more contemporary looking porch with columns and benches, finding the right porch design for your home will make all the difference.

The most basic, and most used, front porch design is the conventional covered front porch. This type of porch design incorporates a roof or some kind of covering so that you can enjoy it no matter what the weather. Size for this design can vary, but the space should be large enough for you to relax comfortably and to entertain a few people. A porch is a gathering place, so make sure that the size is practical for your needs.

A warp around porch is a dream of many homeowners. The size of this design is much larger than the average covered front porch. A warp around porch design involves creating a space which begins in the front and continues around one or more sides of the home, sometimes even going all the way around the home and connecting to a back porch.

If you're after something even more elaborate than a wrap around porch, consider a porch with multiple levels.  You can incorporate steps and access areas using non-contemporary designs.  These make wonderfully unique and inviting areas to enjoy the outdoors.

It's All in the Details

Once you've decided what type of porch you want to have, the key to making it a great front porch design is the little details. You'll need to decide what kind of materials to use what kinds of columns and railings to incorporate and of course whether you want to add a stain or paint color.

There are many other small details that make all great front porch designs more appealing no matter the style. Creating great landscaping by adding plants on and around the perimeter of the porch will create a finished look to your design. Small shrubs, hanging plants, and of course flowering plants are all great options to add a touch of class to your design.

Another important detail is lighting. Proper lighting is vital to any front porch. You'll want to make sure that you have proper lighting for entertaining and enjoying your porch after the sun goes down. Lighting is also good as a security measure. It is easy to add curb appeal and at the same time turn your front porch into to the covered sitting area you have always wanted.

Can't Wait To Create Your Own Great Front Porch Designs?

If you're ready to start a porch addition project, it's best to consult with a professional contractor to make sure your project is done right. While many homeowners may be tempted to try and save money by attempting to do their own installation work, this can be a grave error. Early into the project many homeowners realize that they are in over their heads, and may have even caused damage to the outside of their house. Not only will a local contractor ensure that your porch is installed correctly and in a timely manner, but they offer invaluable experience and advice to help you get everything you want out of your project

You can start your porch addition today by receiving free estimates from local contractors now! For more information on porch addition projects and other home remodeling tips check out more articles.

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