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Where to Find Gravel for Lawn Projects

Where to Find Gravel for Lawn Projects

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November 7, 2007

If you need gravel for lawn projects, you might be tempted to take advantages of signs along side of the road that offer to give you gravel for free - but is this the wisest choice?  When it comes to your repaving your driveway, installing a new path or simply using gravel for lawn and garden projects, it's wise to be a little more discerning about your source.  Here are some places where you can find the right gravel for all of your lawn needs.

The first, and most obvious, place to look for gravel for lawn projects is at your local landscaping center.  Not only will they have approved gravel for your area, but they can also advise you on which gravels will work best for the project you have in mind.  You will also be able to find a wide assortment of colors and styles of gravel in their supply centers, giving you all the choices you need if you are concerned about the style and look of the project. The only downside of going to a landscaping company is that you might have to pay more for the gravel as you are getting a better selection and access to higher quality gravels.

Gravel for Lawn Projects

If price is a concern with gravel for lawn projects, you might want to consider looking into building supply centers.  Though they might not have the widest selection in terms of gravel, they are often able to get you a better deal on the gravels they do have, helping you get more for your money.  You will also be able to access larger amounts of gravel for larger projects you might have in mind.  And if you can't find a certain type of gravel that you want in their store, they may also be able to order it for you.

Rock supply centers are another source of gravel for lawn projects.  Again, these centers can be a little pricey because they often carry specialty gravels, but when you want to create a specific look, this might be exactly what your project needs.

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