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Getting the Real Price of New Windows

Getting the Real Price of New Windows

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January 10, 2011

Replacing the windows in your home can be as intimidating as buying a new car. With a dizzying array of styles, quality and materials, you can have a tough time nailing down the exact cost of your project.

You are fortunate if you have a trusted contractor to whom you can give your parameters, whether low-range vinyl windows or top end straight-grain fir, and be confident he will give you a good deal.

But few of us are in that position. Here are some tips to help you get the best deal you can.

The Price of New Windows

This might seem like a silly item in an article about the price of new windows, but it is meant to emphasize differences in the price from one store to another. Shop several stores, and probe why prices are different from one to another. Perhaps one store is simply charging more for the windows, or perhaps they are including more for the price. Self-educate yourself on the type of windows you want, so that you don't compare apples to oranges when shopping.

What's Included?

Is one company both providing and installing the windows, or are you finding your own contractor to install them? In either case, nail down exactly what will be performed. You should expect, unless otherwise specified, the project price to include removing and installing the windows, clean up (including cleaning the windows) and disposal of the old windows. The latter, disposal, can add significant cost to your project if you are left with a pile of old windows in your driveway. As always when contracting for work to be done, don't make a final payment until the work is done and you are happy.

The Unexpected

A couple of things can drive up the price. If you have several windows that are not standard size, you will pay more for the custom sizes.

Once removing the old windows, your contractor might find rot that has to be repaired, adding to the cost of the project.

Putting new windows in a house is a pricey proposition--the price for new windows easily can break five figures. Like any huge purchase, shop wisely and carefully.

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