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Getting Around Your Garden: Wooden Walkway Ideas

Getting Around Your Garden: Wooden Walkway Ideas

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August 29, 2007

One of the newest trends in gardening and landscaping today are based around wooden walkway ideas.  Wooden walkway ideas are certainly not a new idea.  Some of the most popular types of wooden walkway ideas are based on the designs of classical Japanese gardens.  These provide a sense of peace and tranquility as you wander through your flowers and plants.  This is probably why so many people have begun building wooden paths in their yards and gardens.

One of the most popular wooden walkway ideas is to take landscaping timbers and place them along the path where you want to build your wooden walkway.  Simply lay the timbers at an equal distance apart from each other, and then lay your walkway boards over the landscaping timbers and nail them down.  This will create a lovely walkway.  Of course, the price will depend on how far the walkway extends and what kind of wood you want to use.

Wooden Walkway Ideas

Most landscaping timber will cost around $3.00 for one 8' long section.  If you wanted to create frames that were 8' square, you would need to spend about $12.00 per frame.  Now of course the cost of the boards for the actual walkway will vary, but on average, you would need about 4.5 boards that measured 2x6x8.  These are usually about $4.00 or so, but may cost more if you purchase pre-treated boards.  Most landscaping architects recommend using pre-treated wooden boards for most wooden walkway ideas and designs.  Then you can simply let the wood weather to a natural color, or you can stain it.

Another slightly more cost effective and time effective of the wooden walkway ideas if to take a trip to your local home improvement store.  Some of these places sell pre-made wooden walkway squares.  They are usually about 16"x16", though some are as large as 24"x24".  These are constructed of pre-treated wooden frames with pre-treated wooden boards attached.  These wooden squares work very well for stepping stone wooden walkway ideas, but can be placed closer together for a pathway approach.

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