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Enhancing Your Landscape With Garden Edging Alternatives

Enhancing Your Landscape With Garden Edging Alternatives

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October 12, 2007

Garden edging alternatives include dozens of traditional options such as brick or PVC, yet more options become available when you use your imagination.  Often, people choose to keep their garden edging as natural as possible and use stone from their area.  Imaginative yards sometimes are the most beautiful, because they blend with the environment.  No matter what you choose for your edging, finishing the edge of the garden areas enhances the appearance of the landscape.

You spend a lot of money and time creating garden areas full of flowers, shrubs and decorative plantings.  It only makes sense to give a finished look to the area by installing edging.  Garden edging alternatives are varied, and the one you choose depends upon your ultimate goal.

Garden Edging Alternatives

The primary purpose for using garden edging is to separate areas such as the garden and the lawn, or adjacent gardens.  It's also used to define the borders of the garden.   Most gardens have mulch laid around the plants and a lot of mulch will float during heavy rain storms.  The garden edging prevents the mulch from floating into your lawn.

Garden edging alternatives have been developed in many different materials and styles.  Following is a partial list to give you an idea:

• Flexible edging made from PVC
• Concrete edging
• Pavers
• Pre-formed edging such as decorative stone
• Brick

But you can also create garden edging in other ways.  Garden edging alternatives also include things like edging with edger equipment which is often done along walkways and sidewalks.  You can create a mowing strip by laying flat stones along the edge.  You can also create an edge with plantings such as decorative shrubbery or low growing flowering grasses.

The caveat to all this is the fact that some edgings won't keep grass from growing into your garden.  For example, using plantings as a garden edging alternative still allows the grass to grow between the plants.  You can plant the decorative plants and add edging if you desire.  For example, a garden surrounded by a row of mondo grass with flexible edging run in front of the grass can be stunning.

When you are considering garden edging alternatives, let your creative juices flow!

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