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Simple Garage Organization Makeover Ideas

Simple Garage Organization Makeover Ideas

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February 19, 2008

If your garage is like so many others, you're probably closing the door to shield it from the neighbor's prying eyes.  It's a mess in there, but what's a person to do?  With simple garage organization makeover ideas, you can begin to use this space in a productive way, and you will also be able to park your cars (safely) in the garage once again.  And these garage organization makeover ideas don't take a lot of time or money to use, so stop making excuses and start cleaning up!

Before you can implement any garage organization makeover ideas, you need to find out what you have stored in there.  On a nice day, take a few tarps, lay them on your driveway and start hauling things out of your garage.  This is going to help you assess the things you might want to throw away as well as find things that go into different areas of your home.  Throw out or give away anything that you don't use or that isn't working - even if you think you will get it repaired in the future.  If you don't have immediate repair plans, it's best to get rid of junk that's just taking up room.

Garage Organization Makeover Ideas

Once you have cleared up some of the excess stuff, the easiest of all garage organization makeover ideas is to line the edges of your garage with sturdy shelving units.  These are easy to find at your local hardware stores or even mass market retailers.  Measure the area you have to spare and then put these shelves along the walls - you might want to choose shelving with doors if you want to store items which contain liquids or other harmful materials - especially when you plan to park your cars in the area.

For each shelf, designate a function or a category of items which will be stored there - painting supplies, sporting goods, etc.  This will help you find what you need immediately, but it will also help you keep track of items you might not have on hand.  Hooks are another great way to organize items like hoses and piping.

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