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Garage Door Screens - Turns your garage into additional outside space.

Garage Door Screens - Turns your garage into additional outside space.

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December 2, 2005

Garage door screens offer an excellent opportunity to have the feel of being outside without invasions from flying bugs and other creatures. Create extra outdoor space and still have a functional garage. Great for cookouts, special projects, card night, or even everyday use.

Produced to offer cleaner indoor/outdoor experience garage door screens are easy to use and provide just the protection you want. They are much like an every day door screen and can be removed or put up at your discretion. The entire opening of your garage door is covered without feeling as if you are in a box. They allow fresh air in, and keep nasty bugs and dust out. Garage door screens are versatile and can be used for other applications as well.

Here's how they work: They have a hook and loop material that is attached to your garage door when in use. When not in use simply roll it up for easy storage. There is great visibility for outside viewing and many come with a zipper for easy entrance or exit from the garage door opening.

Garage Door Screens

Garage door screens are available in standard sizes and nonstandard sizes. Not only can this item be used for your garage, but you can also use it on other things such as trailers or boats. If you live in a town home and have very little yard space, with this item you could invite those friends over for a quaint grilled dinner or could use the treadmill in the garage and not feel like you are tucked away in an airless box. Don't just look at that gazebo you bought because you don't want to be eat up by bugs. Use it by covering it with your garage screen door!

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