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Replacing and Installing Framing for Exterior Doors

Replacing and Installing Framing for Exterior Doors

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November 28, 2007

If you are thinking about replacing your old front door, you are in for a surprise - don't worry, though; it's the good kind of surprise!  You don't have to hire a contractor to replace that old front door.  Framing for exterior doors and event doors themselves are made in such a way that most homeowners with just a little home remodeling experience can easily install them. 

The first step in replacing an existing exterior door is to look at the framing.  The framing for exterior doors is very important as this is what keeps the cold out and the heat in your home.  You will want to measure the door you already have and make sure that your replacement door is exactly the same size.  Otherwise, you will need to hire a contractor to make the door opening larger - and that can be very costly!

Framing for Exterior Doors

Once you have a door and new framing picked out, you will need to actually remove the old door and the framing for exterior doors.  Take the hinges apart and remove the door from the frame.  Now you will need to pry the old framing out of the wall.  It is usually nailed to the wall or exterior of the house so be very careful when you are removing the framing for exterior doors.

The new framing should be able to be installed right where the old framing was attached.  If not, you may need to contact a contractor to help you install the new framing for exterior doors.  But generally, as long as your door and frame match the original door and frame in size, you shouldn't have a problem.  Install the framing for exterior doors exactly as the instructions tell you.  Then attached the hinges to the new framing and attach the door.  Since most doors come with installation instructions, there are not a lot of steps that you will have to guess at.  However, if once you have the door installed you find air is leaking in or that the door will not close properly, you may want to contact a construction professional to help you adjust your door.

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