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Four Important Considerations Before Your Kitchen Remodel Begins

Four Important Considerations Before Your Kitchen Remodel Begins

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January 11, 2010

You've saved. You've dreamed. Then you've saved a bit more. Now it's time for that kitchen remodel you have been craving since the moment you bought your house!

It's time to pick up the phone and get quotes from the professionals, but before you do that, take a good look at your plans. Choosing a kitchen remodeling contractor is only the first step. Many homeowners start a kitchen remodel and before long, they are in over their heads and the job is only half-finished.

What to Expect from Your Kitchen Remodel

Planning ahead is crucial. Before you choose a kitchen remodeling contractor, know what to expect from your kitchen remodel.

Your kitchen is no longer your own.

If you are undergoing a major remodel, you might be without a kitchen for a week or more. Kitchen remodeling contractors try not to upset the flow of your household, but you still have to deal with a kitchen that is out of commission, not to mention the presence of strangers in your house all day. You may even want to consider a temporary kitchen.

There could be budget surprises.

When you budget for your kitchen remodel, it's a good idea to estimate high, so that if you do run a bit over budget, you can cover the extra expense. Plan for the little surprises that might pop up, such as the discovery of rotting wood under those old cabinets or problems with electrical wiring.

What to do when you can't cook!

While your kitchen is in the hands of the contractors, you need to make alternate arrangements to eat -- and that can add up to a big expense. If you can stay with friends or family while the work is being done, great! But you might have to eat out during that time, or plan to plug in a microwave in another part of the house and eat microwaved foods for a few days.

Should you move out?

It might be tempting to take a vacation while the remodel is being done. However, if the contractors need to get in touch with you or consult with you on something, it would help if you were nearby. You might consider staying in a local hotel instead.

The work might seem like a major inconvenience as the kitchen remodeling contractors take over your home for a few days. But in the end, you have a beautiful place to cook and entertain. Stay patient--your dream kitchen is almost ready!

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