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Flooring for Sunrooms: All of Your Options

Flooring for Sunrooms: All of Your Options

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August 21, 2006

As with any other room addition, a sunroom offers you a number of design choices. You'll be choosing the layout, the color, the type of windows, and, of course, the floor. No matter what your sunroom will be used for, choosing the right flooring for sunrooms will help ensure you get the most enjoyment and function from your new addition.

Whether you're choosing flooring for a basic sunroom, patio sunroom enclosure, porch sunroom, kitchen conservatory or a green house sunroom, choosing flooring is a major factor in the level of satisfaction you get from your completed project. Considering the primary use of the room, the anticipated traffic patterns within the room and the level of cleaning and maintenance you're anticipating for your new sunroom are all essential for making sure you have made the right decisions for your floors. 

Let Your Sunroom's Purpose Inspire Your Flooring Choice

The most used types of flooring for sunroom design are laminate, tile, and indoor/outdoor carpet. These types of flooring offer you lots of choices, and while aesthetics will certainly play into your final decision, thinking about other practical aspects of flooring options shouldn't be overlooked.

More and more people are choosing laminate flooring, either tile or wood laminate. Several factors influence the choice of using laminate flooring for sunrooms: cost, maintenance and durability. Laminate flooring has developed in leaps and bounds over the years and is considered to be an excellent choice that provides good economic value along with ease of maintenance and durability. Spills, stains and lots of traffic are easily handled by laminate flooring, thus making it a good choice of flooring for sunrooms. If you enjoy entertaining friends and family with dinner parties, BBQs and cocktail parties, this may be your most logical option.

Hot Tubs and Tile Floors: The Perfect Sunroom Combination

Another option for your sunroom floors are tile.  If you're planning to have a hot tub in your sunroom, tile flooring would be an excellent choice. Tile can withstand moisture better than other flooring. Another reason you may want to consider tile is if there will be dirt and other outdoor muck tracked in. The tile is easy to clean and won't be damaged by tracking materials in from outside. So, if you've got small kids running from the yard into the house with muddy shoes, tile may intrigue you as an option.

Carpet can be great to install in a new sunroom if you want to create an extra cozy, sunny nook in your home. Using carpet can create an added sense of warmth in a room, and with all the carpet colors available you can really throw in some personal flair to your overall sunroom interior design.  Some homeowners may worry that carpet and upholstery will fade quickly due to the constant sun exposure. However, if your sunroom windows have proper UV protection fading shouldn't be a problem. 

In the end, your choice for sunroom flooring is up to you, and you can choose just about anything you want. Just keep use and climate in mind. How you will use your sunroom, and the climate you live in should be the major considerations as you choose flooring for sunrooms.

To find the right contractor for your sunroom addition, or to learn more about starting any home improvement or remodeling project, check out our other resources on hiring local contractors and remodeling.

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