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Five Inexpensive Kitchen Makeover Secrets Shared by Kitchen Designers

Five Inexpensive Kitchen Makeover Secrets Shared by Kitchen Designers

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November 11, 2009

Savvy kitchen designers often recommend five simple and inexpensive changes that can add new life to your old kitchen.

1. Apply Fresh Paint.

Give your kitchen a fresh new look with a coat of paint, and get an instant kitchen makeover. Choose a lighter color or leave your ceilings white if you want to make your kitchen appear larger. Purchase paint, a paint tray and liners, paint brush, roller with frame, masking tape and a drop cloth. Be sure to use latex-based paint, as it's easy to clean. Tape off anything you don't want to paint, lay down the drop cloth and begin. Consider using the services of a local painting professional if you're short on time or are inexperienced with painting.

2. Update Kitchen Hardware.

Replace the hardware on your cabinets for a surprisingly impactful kitchen makeover. Choose from thousands of designs and colors and give your cabinets a new look. Select round ceramic, plastics, porcelain or brass knobs and pulls. Round knobs are around $0.80 at Home Depot or Lowes; pulls are about $0.90. When shopping for new hardware, take an old hardware piece with you to try and match the holes. After choosing your new hardware, remove all of the old hardware with a screwdriver and replace with the new hardware.

3. Replace Your Faucet.

With ever-changing styles, choose from sleek modern faucets to classic traditional. Purchase a faucet for as low as $20.00 for a quick update and an inexpensive kitchen makeover element. Prior to installation turn off the water underneath the sink. Remove the old faucet and replace with your new one, be sure to use sealant. Kitchen designers often recommend that you contact a local plumbing professional to assist you if you're unsure of how to replace a faucet correctly.

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4. Change Your Window Décor.

Add blinds, curtains, drapes, shades or valances. The least expensive blind is a simple roll-up blind, these are usually available for $10.00 in white or a wooden color. A simple drape or curtain is about $10.00 also. Update your kitchen by using a plain colored blind and a small colored valance to place at the top. Simply remove your old window décor and replace with your new. Follow any manufacturer's instructions for replacing hardware.

5. Purchase a Rug.

Eliminate the high cost of replacing your existing floor. Choose a rug that compliments your kitchen theme, measure your floor and select your rug. For a normal size kitchen, you may be able to find a rug for less than $50, for a larger kitchen it may run between $75 and $100.


About the author: Kimberly Hodgkins is a freelance writer for several online publications, magazines, newsletters, articles and books.

As a college graduate, Kimberly looked forward to a career in either Law or Real Estate. She gained work as a paralegal for several years. Then, with the real estate field looking promising, opened two mortgage brokerage branch offices. She then became a Certified Commercial Real Estate Mortgage Broker in addition to offering residential mortgages. Since then, in addition to RE Finance, she has used her Real Estate knowledge for writing and editing for the Real Estate Industry.

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