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Five Different Bay Window Types

Five Different Bay Window Types

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January 10, 2011

Bay windows consist of three or more different windows that project outward from a room. Due to the wide multiple viewing area, bay windows are an architect's favorite addition to breakfast and study nooks. Often they are trimmed out with seats built against the interior walls. Bay windows are popular because they add a unique architectural element to a dwelling. Several bay window types are available, and your local widow contractor should be familiar with construction and installation requirements for all different versions of bay windows.

Bay Window Types

Here are some different types of bay windows:

  • Typical or standard bay window. This type of bay window is built using three walls. Two smaller walls built with 30- or 45-degree angles meet a straight wall that protrudes outward from the main exterior wall. Usually, the windows in the smaller side walls are casement or double-hung windows to allow for ventilation, while the main center window is a fixed pane of tempered glass due to the weight of the roof above it.
  • Box bay window. This type of bay window is constructed using 90-degree angles so that the protrusion forms a box. Like bay windows, box windows usually have a sitting area, or even shelving inside.
  • Garden bay window. This is a window similar to a greenhouse that protrudes from the house. However, the entire window comprises the bay; walls are framed straight. Garden bay windows are a great addition to kitchens.
  • Bow window. This is a slightly rounded version of a bay window and usually is made from combination of segmented window panes that form a slight radius.
  • Circle bay window. Popular in bedrooms and master suites, circle bay windows offer dramatic architectural style. Circle bay windows can be found wrapping the corners of older buildings. They are comprised of many different panes that form a semi-circle.
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