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Fireplace Remodeling: The Many Ideas and Options

Fireplace Remodeling: The Many Ideas and Options

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October 12, 2006

If you have been thinking about embarking on a fireplace remodeling project, you're in luck. There are many ideas and options for remodeling your fireplace that you can choose from. Whether you're looking to convert a wood-burning fireplace to a gas fireplace, looking to reface the brick or stone or simply looking to paint and modernize it, there are lots of things you can do at various budget levels.

Many people are doing new paint and faux finishes on their existing fireplace. Others purchase new mantels and inserts, which give the fireplace a fresh and remodeled look for a fraction of the cost of redoing the entire thing. There are accessories and covers that can help brighten up your old fireplace and give a fresh look to a room.

Fireplace Remodeling

Many people who are renovating their homes are discovering lovely wood burning fireplaces behind walls and deciding to remodel them. There are paints you can use to cover right over brick or stone or you can decide to hire a fireplace remodeling contractor to rebuild your fireplace and mantel.

One strong suggestion, whether remodeling your fireplace or not, is to clean your fireplace regularly. There are professional cleaning services available as well as special logs that you can burn on an occasional basis to help keep your chimney clean and reduce your risk of an uncontrollable chimney fire. A great and natural way to help reduce buildup in your chimney is to save your coffee grinds and egg shells and burn them in your fireplace.

Adding a fireplace mantel is a great way to add flare to an old fireplace. It can be an interesting focal point to showcase your family photos, trophies or beautiful accessories. A mantel replacement is a great and relatively inexpensive way to do a minor fireplace remodeling.

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