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Finding the Perfect Front Porch Portico Design

Finding the Perfect Front Porch Portico Design

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August 24, 2007

When you purchased you home, did you look at it and think, "This house would be beautiful if I could do something with the front…"?  You aren't alone: many home owners purchase homes they want to improve.  But few of these home owners ever get around to changing their home's exterior.  And this isn't surprising, considering the expense of changing the exterior.  But by simply adding an interesting front porch portico design, you can add flair and personality to almost any home.

When you are beginning your search for the perfect front porch portico design, you may want to consider the internet.  There are hundreds of contractor, builder and porch professionals' websites online that all have before and after pictures.  These pictures will help you to know which front porch portico design you love, and which one you hate.

Picking a Front Porch Portico Design

Your next step is to take a trip around your neighborhood.  Look for homes that are built like your home.  Examine their choices for a front porch portico design: what works on these homes?  What doesn't work?  Take pictures of the homes with a front porch portico design that you really like - this will give you something to show your contractor.

Another good idea is to become familiar with front porch portico design types.  An arched portico has a rounded arch above the door; a gabled portico is similar to an arched portico, but it has a peaked top; shed porticos have a perfectly flat top and hip porticos have a slight, decorative raise in the top.  If you have an especially tall house, you can get an upper rail portico, which is a front porch portico design that gives the illusion of a balcony above the front door.

Finally, call your contractor and have him or her help you choose which of your portico designs will work best on your home. Contractors often have design software that can add different portico designs to a photo of your home so you can see what the finished product might look like.

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