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Faux Painting Rooms For A Stylish Interior

Faux Painting Rooms For A Stylish Interior

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August 6, 2008

Faux painting rooms are one of the cheapest and quickest ways to create a stylish interior.  You can paint walls and ceilings in a variety of ways that create a sense of spaciousness, enhances the room décor, or conveys a theme.  Faux painting includes a variety of styles from contemporary to traditional.  For most faux painting jobs, you don't even need many tools.

Faux painting is a versatile method for creating unusual textured-looking walls.  This kind of painting adds depth to a wall and can fit any designer need.  It can be used in almost any room in the house including the bathroom.  Floating clouds on a sky blue ceiling makes even the smallest bathroom look larger.

Faux Painting Rooms

It's amazing how many different kinds of faux painting techniques have been developed.  They include: painting, stenciling, cut-outs, sponging, ragging and even using bunched up plastic wrap overlaid on the paint.  You can create almost any kind of look you want also.   These include: country, modern, juvenile, designer, aged and classical.  There's really no limit to the possibilities, because faux painting is constantly being expanded to include new mediums and tools.

In many cases, it's the simplest faux painting that does the job.  If you have children, you might want to faux paint their rooms to add a lively atmosphere.  Faux painting rooms can be as simple as sponging on several colors of paint to the walls or creating a textured look by "roughing up" the paint.  But faux painting also includes a more modern version of fresco painting.  For example, you may have a railroad theme in a young boy's room and want to faux paint the room to make it look like a countryside with railroad tracks.

Faux painting rooms can really add an interesting decorative look to a house.  Paint effects are created using a variety of paints and paint colors.  It's possible to transform a house just by faux painting rooms.  A professional contractor can show you the many different techniques available for faux painting.  This kind of painting is an ideal way to spruce up a boring room or give an older house a newer and updated appearance.  It's one of the most inexpensive ways to improve a room without making major changes.  When you become tired of the faux painting, you can just paint over what was done previously.  There's no major remodeling required.

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