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Exterior House Painting Tips and Advice

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May 31, 2005

The Paint Professional's Tips to Exterior Painting

(ARA) - After a long winter and temperamental spring, the summer season has arrived and offers a great opportunity for tackling exterior painting before hosting those backyard barbeques and summer get-togethers. Whether your homes" trim needs a pick-me-up or the whole house needs a makeover, ICI Paints, international provider and innovator of world-class paint brands such as "This Old House" paint, offers exterior house painting tips and advice for getting started before you pick up the brush.

Prepare the area: Start by removing objects around the home, such as hoses, barbecues or patio furniture. Also make sure to cover anything you want to protect such as plants, sidewalks or brickwork with drop cloths.

Make necessary repairs: Use a wire brush or scraper to remove loose, chipped or cracked paint. Remember to wear safety goggles as you work to get the surface as smooth as possible.

Clean the surface: It is essential to thoroughly clean the areas to be painted to prevent mildew from living under the surface. Rinse the entire area, wash the surface with bleach, rinse again and allow to dry completely before priming.

Prime the surface: To keep the surface as clean as possible, begin priming as soon as it is dry.

Exterior House Painting Tips and Advice

Mix the paint: Given that most paint jobs require multiple gallons of paint for any given area, keep the color consistent by mixing several gallons into one larger five gallon bucket.

Paint the exterior: Always paint from the top of your house down. This will cover any drips as you work your way to the ground. Also remember to paint on the shady areas of the home when possible, as direct sun can cause paint to dry too quickly.

Paint windows, trim and doors: Paint these areas after completing the primary exterior surface area making sure to work from the inside to the outer edges.

Clean up: Touch-up as necessary by removing any excess drips of paint. Once the paint is completely dry, begin removing protective coverings such as tape. Reattach light fixtures, house numbers and anything else that may have been removed.

"This Old House" Paint offers a free "Guide to Exterior Painting" which includes exterior house painting tips and advice, detailed equipment checklist and troubleshooting tips. Log-on to www.thisoldhousepaints.com/HowTo.do and click "Guide to Exterior Painting" to download the free guide. For additional information regarding this exterior paint line, call (866) TOH-4544 or visit www.thisoldhousepaint.com.

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