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Practical Planning with Expandable Room Additions

Practical Planning with Expandable Room Additions

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October 5, 2007

Family needs change over time for a number of reasons.  It only makes sense to anticipate some of those changes with expandable room additions.  Rooms added or modified, with the idea of being expanded or adapted to changing needs, increase the value of the home monetarily but also keep your house "family friendly".  There are many ways to design a floor plan with the future in mind.

The best floor plan is a flexible plan that can change as your family's needs change.  For example, a new baby can mean you need another bedroom.  Many families encourage their elderly mothers or fathers to move into the house.   It could be you need a bigger kitchen or a larger family room or maybe a bigger patio room.  Accommodating these rooms is easy when you have a floor plan that includes the possibility of expandable room additions.

Expandable Room Additions

Mobile homes have always embraced the concept of expandable room additions.  As the family grows or the budget allows, modular rooms are added to the main home.   More than one room can be added as needs grow.  Mobile home flexibility has been adapted to modular homes also.  Modular homes are basically framed boxes that are attached together.  As you need more room, you can purchase another modular room and have it added.  In fact, you can even start with a single floor house and then add a second floor at another time.

But even framed houses on permanent foundations embrace the idea of expandable room additions.  Rooms are added either by building a new room onto the house or converting unused space into a finished room.  Every area that's finished expands the living space of the house.  There are a variety of ways to accomplish this kind of space modification: 

• Add office space by converting an unused bedroom
• Finish the attic and add a knee wall and steps
• Enclose an attached open patio turning it into an eating area
• Add a bathroom to a bedroom
• Convert a garage into a family room or master suite
• Add a larger laundry room and change old space into storage

A house that is originally built with the idea the house can be expanded are floor plans that can grow with a family.  These kinds of houses recognize the fact that people's interests change over time.  That patio room you didn't want 5 years ago could now be handy as a television and game room. 

Expandable room additions are great for mobile, modular and permanent homes on foundations.  When you buy or remodel a house, keep in mind what you might need 10 years from now instead of just what will fulfill your needs today.

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