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7 Excellent Ideas for Backyard Privacy

7 Excellent Ideas for Backyard Privacy

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July 28, 2010

Even if you are one of the lucky homeowners who has the greatest neighbors in the world, sometimes you want a little privacy in your own backyard. Luckily, there are plenty of ways to get that without alienating the neighborhood or moving to the middle of nowhere.

Landscaping Ideas for Backyard Privacy

Want to get that privacy you crave without building a massive brick wall between you and the neighbors? These backyard landscaping tips can hide your property with style.

  • Fast-growing hedges around your property can keep out prying eyes. But you have to be willing to maintain the hedges throughout the year, a job that can become quite significant if you have a larger yard.
  • Lattice placed along the side of a porch or along the top of an existing fence can provide all the privacy you need, especially if climbing vines are allowed to make their way to the top of your lattice work. As an added bonus, the lattice still allows breezes and sunlight to flow through the slats.
  • Got a nosy neighbor with a perfect birds-eye view of your backyard from their second story? End the snooping with a few large trees. Maple or oak grow fast and strong, and their spreading branches can provide a canopy of green privacy.
  • If you want to block out sounds--the noise of traffic, the chatter of your neighbors, and the like--soften the landscape with the pleasant white noise a fountain can provide. The more tiers and levels the water travels down, the more sound it makes.
  • A classic board fence can be a lovely addition to your backyard, and can provide plenty of privacy. Soften the hard edges with pretty details along the top of the fence, and plant flowering shrubs around it. There might be local restrictions on fence height, so check with local codes before you build it.
  • A few well-placed trellises and vines running wild can block the view into your property. Virginia creeper or simple morning glory vines can quickly fill up a space and provide beautiful visual interest instead of a backyard view.
  • Staggered landscape elements in your backyard can offer privacy and beauty to neighbors on all sides. Plant tall trees that block the upper views, while using medium-height shrubs in front to fill in the gaps. Finish by planting low shrubs in front of those, and fill in the gaps on the ground with flowering ground cover.
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