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Fewer Headaches With Environmentally Friendly Fencing

Fewer Headaches With Environmentally Friendly Fencing

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October 15, 2007

Environmentally friendly fencing is becoming more and more popular.  It is fencing made with recycled, synthetic or composite materials.  Traditional natural wood fencing often requires a lot of maintenance and periodic replacement. That means more natural resources are used over time.   Fencing that requires a lot of maintenance is becoming less and less popular and is being replaced with new fencing made from maintenance free materials.

Some of the most environmentally friendly fencing you can buy is vinyl fencing.  Vinyl fencing comes in all different styles and many colors.  You can buy white, brown, green and other colors to blend into your backyard or enhance the appearance of your home.  But the best news is vinyl fencing lasts for years and requires very little maintenance.

Environmentally Friendly Fencing

Wood fencing has been the most popular kind of fencing in the past.  But it uses a lot of natural forest resources and needs annual maintenance.  If you don't take care of your wood fence, it can rot or get insect infested.   You will also have to replace it periodically after the wood reaches a certain age.

Vinyl fencing seldom needs replacing.  You only have to wash it every now and then to prevent mildew, but there's no painting required.  It's also much more durable over time.  It can be used to enclose the yard or to create a private hot tub or patio area.   Moisture is never a problem for vinyl so you don't have to worry about where you use it.  Because it doesn't have to be replaced like wood fences, less energy is used also.

There are other environmentally friendly fencing options.  New composite fencing uses a combination of materials to produce a strong and enduring fence.  Many companies use recycled materials to produce the composite materials giving twice the benefit.  Composite fences have an advantage over vinyl fencing in that they can look just like wood.  You can even buy the fencing in the wood color of your choice such as redwood or cedar.   If you don't like the look of vinyl, then composite fencing is the perfect alternative.  Composite materials have been used in decks for years so it is well-tested in actual use.

Houses today are being built with energy and natural resource savings in mind.  It only makes sense to apply the same concepts to other household components.  Designers work all the time to create new materials that are more enduring and require less maintenance.  Life is hectic and the more you can reduce the amount of maintenance required the better for your life.  If you want to buy the most environmentally friendly fences on the market, then look for fences made with recycled materials.

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