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Entertain in Style With a Lanai Patio Enclosure

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June 29, 2006

A lanai patio enclosure isn't much different from a regular patio enclosure. The only addition is the lanai area. What is a lanai patio enclosure? To begin, the lanai is usually added to the house in between the pool area and the house to be exact. It is a covered open space to allow everyone under it to enjoy the free flowing air with shade from its roof. All of this area, the pool and all are enclosed with a lanai patio enclosure.

When deciding whether or not to add a lanai patio enclosure to your home, I have learned that this space although very enjoyable, is not counted as additional square footage to the home when selling.

So why should you consider adding a lanai patio enclosure? It is simply a great area to spend your time. If you love to have barbeques, this is definitely the place to entertain guests. Dining is perfect under a lanai and just plain relaxing is what a lanai patio enclosure is all about. Stay worry-free because no matter the weather this will never be a factor for your gatherings again.

Lanai Patio Enclosure

Are you envious of a friend's lanai patio enclosure? It can happen but you can have your own getaway haven built just the way you want it if not better. They can be custom made to your satisfaction. You can choose from a screen, glass, or all weather enclosure. Some are even made to have an easy open roof.

Not only can you entertain or relax, which ever you feel like doing, you can also enjoy the sun and pool. A lanai patio enclosure shields you from the aggravation of insects and other possible outside pests while still engaging in this normal outdoor activity and other possible recreation.

Invite some friends over and play cards or board games while the kids are playing and having a ball right in front of you, but yet not distracting. Later take a dip in the spa and pamper yourself for a relaxing evening moment, no bug spray necessary and enjoy your home like you never have before.

Choose your lanai patio enclosure specialist carefully. Check their sample work and look around to compare prices.

San Jose, CA

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