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Understanding the Energy Star Rating

Understanding the Energy Star Rating

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August 5, 2008

With interest in the environment on the rise, many homeowners are turning to ways to reduce their impact on the planet.  One method that's making this task easier is the energy star rating system.  The energy star rating system has revolutionized how energy efficient products are marked and labeled. This program began life in 1992 as the brain child of the Environmental Protection Agency.  It was put in place to rate the new home and commercial building and appliance products going on the market.  In the years since, the construction industry, business owners, and homeowners have used it as the gold standard for choosing building materials.

The advantages to using products with a high energy star rating score are numerous.  Not only can the owner of these products feel good about helping to protect the earth, the owners also have the advantage of saving money. Since these products are so energy efficient, many people notice how quickly their energy bills decrease.  In this age of higher prices for everything, it's nice to know you can save a couple of dollars anywhere you can. 

Energy Star Rating

Especially when you are shopping for household appliances for your contractor to install, paying attention to labels is of vital importance.  Just because you find a dishwasher, for example, with a good price and a tag that says energy efficient doesn't mean that it is part of the energy star family of products.  You absolutely have to check for the energy star label.  If there is any doubt, ask the employees of the home improvement store for clarification. 

The energy star rating is simply an easy way to determine how energy efficient a building product or household appliance is.  Any improvements you make to your home using this list of items is a step closer to having the most energy friendly home on the block, not to mention the lowest bills. 

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