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Using Embossed Wallpaper Wainscoting

Using Embossed Wallpaper Wainscoting

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April 15, 2008

If you are looking to improve the look of the walls in a room of your home, wainscoting may be something that you might like.  This type of wall treatment uses techniques and materials to create a different texture on part of the wall, usually the lower half, from the chair rail down to the floor.  Wainscoting can be done in many different ways, using beadboard, tile, tin sheets, or even embossed wallpaper. Wainscoting adds an elegant feel to a room, and can be use anywhere from the dining room to the bathroom.

While most people think of wainscoting as a wood or other type of material like beadboard, it can also be done with embossed wallpaper.  Wainscoting with wallpaper is something that has been done for a long time, and embossed wallpaper wainscoting is seeing a resurgence of popularity in Victorian homes.  The best kind of wallpaper to use for embossed wallpaper wainscoting is anaglypta. 

Embossed Wallpaper Wainscoting

Anaglypta is a special type of wallpaper made from cotton pulp.  It is embossed with a design and can be painted.  This makes the material look like a pressed tin sheet or other type of fancy beadboard rather than like wallpaper.  Often two different colors of paint are used on anaglypta to bring out the details in the embossed design. 

Using anaglypta as embossed wallpaper wainscoting will work very well provided that you don't use any other wallpaper or wall treatment above the wainscoting.  This has the potential to detract from the design in the wainscoting and make the wall look too busy.  A simple paint job above the embossed wallpaper wainscoting is the best way to finish this type of wall.  Plain wallpaper is fine, too, but don't use a bold pattern or color that clashes with the color of the wainscoting. 

Choose a paint color for the anaglypta embossed wallpaper wainscoting that is subtle and will work with the room's décor. Most people choose white, but browns and tans work nicely, too.  Black can be used as long as the wall treatment above is somewhat plain.

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