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The Basics of Electric Hot Tub Heaters

The Basics of Electric Hot Tub Heaters

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July 14, 2008

When you are thinking about adding a hot tub to your list of recreation options at home, you are likely to be thinking about hot tub designs, the patio you want to build around your new fun tub, and the hours of entertainment you will get from it.  The one thing you might not stop to consider is that the water has to be heated in order for the tub to live up to the hot part of the hot tub name.  In most cases you will find you have the option of either having gas or electric hot tub heaters installed in your tub choice.  Here is a brief look at these heaters and what you can expect them to do.

Electric Hot Tub Heaters

Of course, it will come down to personal preference as to the temperature you like your hot tub water.  Some people like the water to be hotter than others.  With an electric hot tub heater you can expect a good one to be able to quickly heat your water from 0 degrees to 104 degrees with minimal trouble.  One of the biggest reasons many hot tub owners opt to use an electric heater in their spa is because these heaters leave the water at a constant level.  With gas hot tub heaters, they are turned on just prior to use.  An electric heater allows you, your family, and your guests the option of getting in the tub whenever the mood strikes.

Another benefit of electric hot tub heaters over the gas versions is that they are usually much less expensive than the gas run ones.  Constructed of stainless steel and non corroding materials, electric heaters also enjoy a long, productive life.  With the help of any good contractor, installing the electric hot tub heater is a pretty straightforward job and you will be sitting pretty in your hot tub in no time at all.  In short, the electric hot tub heaters are typically the best choice for the average at home hot tub owner. 

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