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Another Great Idea!- Economical Tankless Water Heaters

Another Great Idea!- Economical Tankless Water Heaters

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April 24, 2008

Economical tankless water heaters are used more and more in new construction for one primary reason: they're the most energy efficient hot watery system on the market.  The tankless hot water tank creates energy savings in a couple of ways.  First, the tank only heats water as hot water is needed.  Second, there's no stored hot water in a tank that loses heat through its walls. It requires a lot of energy to keep a large tank of water hot all the time.  The tankless system eliminates the storage tank and thus much of the energy required to maintain hot water.

The economical tankless water heaters are based on a fairly simple concept.  When you turn on a hot water valve, cold water begins flowing and triggers the heating element to activate.  The water flows over the heated element upon demand.  The great advantage of this system is you get as much hot water as you need since it's not coming from a storage tank.

Economical Tankless Water Heaters

In a traditional hot water heater, a large amount of water is kept heated until needed.  It's similar to keeping water simmering on the stove.  To keep it simmering, you have to keep the burner on.  The traditional hot water tank operates the same way, continually using energy to keep the water heated.

There is a variety of tankless water heaters homeowners can choose among depending upon the energy source.  There are electric and gas tankless systems on the market.  You can even purchase a propane tankless water heater.   You can also buy a large unit to service the entire household or smaller point-of-use systems.   The tankless water heaters are very economic, because they only heat water for as long as you need it.  Once you close the hot water valve, the system quits heating water.  Comparing that to the simmering water on the stove, it's easy to see how the tankless system help you reduce your energy bill by up to 30%.

Builders of new homes and homeowners are encouraged by the government to use the economical tankless water heaters.  The encouragement comes in the form of tax credits for tanks with an Energy Factor of .80. 

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