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The Timelessness of Double Front Wood Doors

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April 23, 2008

The entry way of the home is a special place.  It is the first part of your home that visitors actually see, and it can give either a warm and welcoming feeling to your visitors, or it can give them a cold and unfriendly feeling.  While many homes have cheaper metal doors, and some have glass doors, and still others are hollow fake wood doors, there are few of these examples that bring as much class and beauty to the front entrance of your home as double front wood doors.

Hanging double front wood doors is not an option for all homes.  After all, if your home only has a one door entrance, it may be impossible to install a second door to create the space needed for double front wood doors.  But even if you don't have a large enough entrance for double front wood doors, you can still have a wood door that is just a beautiful as any double wooden door. 

Double Front Wood Doors

Double front wood doors are generally custom made for homes.  This is because most people who choose to hang these doors want to have their doors carved by a master carpenter.  Carvings for the double front wood doors can include almost anything the home owner can imagine and that the carpenter can create.  Some patterns are more artistic, consisting of squares, circles or other shapes that are integrated into the doors.  Other home owners choose to have something very personal carved in their double front wood doors; these personal carvings can include initials, animals, natural elements like leaves and trees, or even a coat of arms. 

It is important to remember that double front wood doors are quite expensive, especially if you choose to have them custom made.  The carved art work is worth the investment for some people, but for others it may be completely out of their budget range.  For those with a small budget, there are wooden front doors that are prefabricated; this type of front door can save you lots of money, and a good manufacturer can make very lovely prefabricated doors.

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