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Doing Double Duty with a Double Oven Replacement

Doing Double Duty with a Double Oven Replacement

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September 12, 2007

A double oven replacement can be a major purchase depending upon the model purchased.  You want to make sure you choose the oven that best serves your purposes and will last for years to come.  When you remodel your kitchen, replacing a sindgle oven with a double oven will require new cabinet framing and possibly wiring updating.  But the end result is a more functional kitchen.

A double oven replacement is normally done for one of two reasons:  You want to replace a single oven with a double oven, or you need to replace an older double oven with a newer model.  Either way there are several decisions that must be made along the way:

• Double oven features desired
• Current availability of space
• Condition of old wiring
• Cabinet work needed

Double Oven Replacement

When you are simply replacing an older model, the double oven replacement is often easier because there's already space for the new oven.  But even so, it sometimes requires the surrounding cabinetry to be trimmed or rebuilt to accommodate different oven dimensions. 

Once the older double oven has been removed, be sure and check the wiring.  It's important the wiring be in good condition with no wear or tear due to age or even mouse nibbling!  The wiring must also be electrically certified to handle the power requirements of the new double oven.  The oven will come with specific instructions you should follow carefully. It is advisable to have a licensed electrician check the connection to insure the electrical meets all code requirements.  It's always better to be safe rather than sorry when it comes to appliance installation.

Choosing the double oven replacement often is the biggest decision.  There are dozens of makes and models on the market and they each have their
own styling and set of features. Some double ovens are designed with one oven being a standard oven and the second oven being a convection oven.  Other features to consider include the following.

• Oven depth
• Interior lighting
• Visibility
• Number of racks
• Heating positions
• Timers
• Self cleaning feature
• Safety design to prevent burns

The list of cooking features for your double oven replacement choice could go on and on.   You also need to consider the oven aesthetics.  Double ovens are made in a variety of styles from the classic to the sleek and modern.  You can choose an oven with a unique styling and oven door front that enhances your kitchen décor.

Double oven replacement does require the assistance of several people if you plan on doing the remodel yourself.  Double ovens are extremely heavy and cannot be lifted by a single person.  But once you get your oven in place, your cooking world widens significantly.

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