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Old is New Again: Distressed Kitchen Cabinetry

Old is New Again: Distressed Kitchen Cabinetry

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April 21, 2008

One of the things that many home owners fear is putting in brand new cabinets in their kitchen and then discovering that, through a fault of the contractor or through some fault of their own, the new cabinets have marks or scratches.  Meanwhile, other home owners are doing the exact opposite: they are putting intentional scratches into their cabinetry to create distressed kitchen cabinetry.

The question remains for many home owners: why would someone want to ruin their cabinets by painting them and then scratching them up?  Well, the reason is that the resulting distressed kitchen cabinetry is actually very attractive and rustic.  If you are going for a country kitchen feeling, or an antique look, distressed kitchen cabinetry could be a good addition to the decorating scheme you have in place. 

Distressed Kitchen Cabinetry

If you have some experience with painting techniques, and are confident in your abilities as a home improver, you may want to take on the task of distressing your own cabinets.  You will want to start by priming your cabinets.  Distressed kitchen cabinetry is first primed and then an undercoat of paint is applied.  Usually this undercoat of distressed kitchen cabinetry is brown or black.  Then a lighter paint color is added over the darker undercoat.  This lighter color is often scratched and rubbed to bring the darker undercoat out to create the distressed kitchen cabinetry look.

Keep in mind that you will need to be very patient to complete this type of painting project.  Distressed kitchen cabinetry takes a lot of time and effort; all of the paint layers will probably take at least three days to dry completely before the actual distressing technique can be used.  Also, this is an easy technique to mess up.  Start with light rubbing and work your way up.  Once the cabinets are distressed, you can't undo it.  If you are uncomfortable with the prospect of ruining your cabinets, you may want to pick another type of technique for your cabinets.  Or, you can hire a professional to do your distressed kitchen cabinetry for you.

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