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Designs for Tile Flooring ? Swirls and Lines

Designs for Tile Flooring ? Swirls and Lines

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October 24, 2007

Designs for tile flooring are perfect for a world that doesn't like anything to be plain and simple.  Interior design used to be something only wealthy people worried about because of expense. But today, everyone can have the décor of their dreams by taking advantage of the wealth of materials and ideas available on the internet or their local hardware stores.  Tile is now very affordable and can fit any budget.  Designs for tile flooring run the gamut from natural to brilliant colors.  You can also create overall floor designs through careful placement of colored tiles.

Installing tile used to be a very standard procedure and designs followed suit.  You would see some lines of a different colored tile, but the designs were simple and the residential tile was too.  That's no longer true.  Homes today use tile in new and innovative ways and that's possible because of the great tile choices available in the marketplace.

Designs for Tile Flooring

Designs for floor tile are as creative as you are able to imagine.   You can find accent tiles made out of ceramic or glass.  But it's the mixing and matching that makes the great designs.  You can randomly intermingle tiles on floor and walls, or lay them in a specific design.  Some of the most stunning tile designs are made by inserting a flowing wave of tile on the floor or wall in one color with the rest of the area done in a different color.  Or you can use a border of one kind of tile and a different tile in the middle separated by a thin line of tile.

Designs for tile flooring are made possible by the wide range of tile types manufactured today.  You can buy mosaic tile, translucent glass tile, hand painted tiles, stone or pebble tiles, custom tile, natural tiles, and of course, ceramic tiles.  The tile textures vary from glassy smooth to a rough texture depending upon where you plan on using the floor tile.  You may want a smooth dining room floor with an accent border, but a rough textured tile patio floor near a pool.  Floor tiles are made in almost every color imaginable so you can coordinate colors.

The various designs for tile flooring can be used in any room of the house.  Tile floors are popular in bathrooms, kitchens, sun rooms, dining rooms, living rooms and hallways.  Decorating tiles can be laid in a way that creates an elegant or fun floor design.  Tile designs can also be used as visual room dividers.  You can use your own pattern or find a design scheme you like in magazines or on the internet.  With the rich textures and variety of tile styles, you can create any design you want just by laying the tiles in a specific pattern.

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