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Deck Design by Size

Deck Design by Size

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June 13, 2008

When most people think about deck design, they think about the size of the deck and its shape.  While those things are important, you have to also consider how you plan for your new deck to be used.  Those considerations will play a huge role in how you instruct your contractor to construct the deck itself.  To get you started, let's take a look at some classic ideas for both small and large decks.  Even if you don't have a lot of space, you can still look forward to getting the most out of it.

Beginning with small sized decks, deck design has the ability to make your space prime real estate or useless.  It's all up to how you decide to organize your outdoor space.  If you have to keep things small, it's not the time to try to plan ornate boarding designs or to create levels. Like most small spaces, your best bet is to plan for a simple, elegant design.  Take the time while the deck is being built to look for small, but functional seating options.  Café or bistro style table and chairs are often great for this space.

Deck Design

If space is no problem in  your deck design, you have more options than you can count.  With a large deck, you have the luxury of creating different sections or centers of your deck.  Talk to your builder about having distinct places called nodes for special activities.  For example, many people like to include a spot for their grill.  It is usually placed out of the way in terms of foot traffic.  You can also make sure to have other centers added for sunbathing or quiet reading.  Those areas are perfect for the addition of a water fountain as well.

One of the biggest advantages to working with a contractor is that you get to enjoy their experience and expertise as well.  Let your builder help you make the big decisions. He or she has enough working knowledge to get you through any worry or concern.

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