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Installing Custom Laminate Garage Cabinets

Installing Custom Laminate Garage Cabinets

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April 30, 2008

Start Organizing Your Garage Today! 

Organizing your life might seem to be an impossible task.  With all of the 'stuff' you accumulate, keeping track of it is one thing, but arranging it in a civilized fashion is another - and who has the time?  The garage seems to be the biggest organization offender for homeowners as it's a space that tends to be used for all the overflow of items in a household.  By taking time to consider custom laminate garage cabinets, you can begin straightening up the mess and using the garage for its original purpose - parking your car.

Finding custom laminate garage cabinets is easier than it seems.  You can choose to work with a custom designer - often found through your local hardware stores - or you can choose to purchase a custom package on your own.  It's generally a better idea (if you can afford it) to hire a professional to come out and measure and plan your organization system, but since this can be a pricey endeavor, you can start with your own ideas, see how they work and then call in professional help if your garage is still buried under piles of junk.

Custom Laminate Garage Cabinets

Installing custom laminate garage cabinets is simple.  All you need to do is place them in the areas of your garage where you want them to be and then attach them to the walls or the ceiling with a sturdy set of brackets.  By using long screws, you will be able to secure the cabinets to the walls and prevent them from toppling over from the weight of the contents or from earthquakes.

You might also want to install custom laminate garage cabinets over a workbench or a work station.  To do this, simply attach the provided brackets to the walls where you want the cabinets to rest and either lift the cabinets onto the provided screws where holes on the cabinet itself will surround, or you can attach the cabinet directly to the wall by using nails through the back of each cabinet section.  Again if this seems like too big of a task for you to take on, you can always recruit a contractor to help you out.

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