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Types of Custom Home Skylights

Types of Custom Home Skylights

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September 17, 2008

There are all kinds of benefits to having natural light a part of your home.  Everything looks better in natural light, there have been studies done supporting the effects of light on people, and no one wants to live in the dark.  In some cases, rooms on the highest floor of a home may have inadequate lighting.  You could have a huge assortment of light fixtures installed, or you could go with Mother Nature and consider using custom home skylights instead.  Imagine how nice it would be to look up and see the sun and sky, as opposed to the ceiling.  In order to make an informed decision, you need to know a little bit about custom home skylights.

Custom Home Skylights

There are three basic types of custom home skylights to choose from.  Ventilating skylights are designed to be opened or closed as weather dictates.  This is a nice feature anywhere, but it is especially nice if you are having the skylights installed in the kitchen or bathroom.  Both of those rooms can get a bit humid and hot.  Fixed skylights can't be opened for ventilation.  Those would be better used in a bedroom or family room.  However, if you want fresh air, the ventilating skylights are definitely the way to go.  The final kind of custom home skylight is the tubular lights.  They are perfect for use in small areas or rooms, where an artificial light would take up too much room. 

Once you have the type of custom home skylights you want picked out, you have to do some thinking about shapes.  Just like with traditional windows, you have more than one option for your skylight design.  Flat skylights are the most common and are available in square or rectangle designs.  Polygon shaped skylights are less common and more expensive.  They actually rise up from the roof in a pyramid design.  Whatever custom home skylight you chose, remember installation is a job for the professionals to ensure proper fit and sealing. 

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