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The Basics of Cultured Marble Kitchen Countertops

The Basics of Cultured Marble Kitchen Countertops

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June 11, 2008

Kitchens are like every other room in your house, they can be designed to have the look you want and feel comfortable with.  For example, some people just can't live without the country, homey look, while others go crazy for modern design.  When it comes to the person who wants to see an elegant, classic look in their kitchen, nothing beats cultured marble kitchen countertops.  Cultured marble tends to be less expensive than traditional marble and has a lot going for it.  Here is some basic information about this product and why it might be right for your kitchen.

The first thing you have to understand about cultured marble kitchen countertops is what cultured marble is.  In the simplest terms, cultured marble is a combination of crushed limestone and fiberglass resin.  To be more in depth, this product is a molded or cast polymer.  Fillers like calcium carbonates are added for more strength and durability.  In addition to kitchen applications, this material is also used for showers, wall panels, and even bathtubs.  Its application uses fit right in with common uses for marble.

Cultured Marble Kitchen Countertops

You aren't going to want to have a professional add anything into your home that you aren't sure is going to be advantageous.  The good news is cultured marble comes with all kinds of benefits.  Every piece of cultured marble is coated with a protective gel like coating that makes is completely water proof, resistant to chipping, and gives the final product a shiny appearance.  Due to the manufacturing process, you can bet your cultured marble kitchen countertops are going to be as seamless as possible.  Especially for kitchen and bathroom applications, this product is known for being very mildew resistant as well.

If the time has come for your kitchen to be spruced up, cultured marble kitchen countertops can make a huge difference in your finished remodel.  Your contractor can further explain the advantages of cultured marble over traditional marble. 

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