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Create Your Perfect Deck

Create Your Perfect Deck

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June 10, 2008

When you say the word deck, the image most likely to be conjured up is of outdoor grilling parties complete with warm breezes and lots of good times. Decks are incredible places to execute some of the best get togethers of the season.  Like every other aspect of your home, it's up to you how this outdoor accessory can fit in with the rest of your home.  Many home improvement and design professionals consider the deck or porch to be an extension of your home.  With that theory in mind, there are tons of ways you can make your deck one of your home's most outstanding features. 

Furnishing Your Deck

Space is one of those things that no matter how much planning you do, it's not going to grow or shrink.  If you have a small deck, it's important to remember that the decoration and seating elements you add have to be suitable in proportion.  Consider small containers for planting flowers that are out of the way, but add to the beauty of your deck.  For a nice touch of fragrance, as well as plant appeal, place herb plants in those containers as well.  Café style chairs and tables usually work well on small decks because they take up very little space, but look elegant and inviting.

Naturally, if you have a larger deck, there is very little you aren't going to be able to do in terms of furniture and accessories for your deck.  Many homeowners like to include a space for their grill in the planning of the deck.  This makes it convenient to cook, but keeps the grill out of the way of people walking through.  You can also choose to add larger seating elements.  Water fountains and ornate container gardens are also great additions to the overall look of your deck.

Whether you have a brand new deck to decorate or simply want to redo your existing space, you have tons of options both in the home improvement stores and from your own imagination. 

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