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Common Concrete Porch Repairs

Common Concrete Porch Repairs

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January 17, 2007

There is nothing like a porch to add a unique and welcoming personal touch to your home. Not only are these features fun to have, but they really help a home feel finished and pulled together.  Plus, you can choose to personalize your porch however you choose, letting the style of you and your family show from your front door.  A very common and durable style of porch is the concrete porch.   

If you have a concrete porch, chances are that at some point you will need to do concrete porch repairs.  Just as other materials experience normal wear and tear, your concrete porch can also show problems with age.  If you have damage from water or ice, the repairs are even more critical to complete properly and promptly.

Concrete Porch Repairs  

Common concrete porch repairs include cleaning the surface, filling in small cracks, staining or painting.  There are many other simple repairs that are often done to freshen up the overall look of the concrete. Simply cleaning your concrete porch on a regular basis can make it seem like new. 

To clean your porch you can use a basic pressure washer.  However, if there is a lot of dirt or other grime like grease or oil, it's a good idea to use a detergent or cleaner that is designed especially for concrete.  After the surface is clean, you will be better able to spot small cracks and holes in the concrete, which can easily be patched with a pre-mixed patch compound.  If you want to hide a porch that is not very attractive or make it look better than just plain concrete, consider applying concrete stain or a concrete paint.  Both of these options will make your concrete porch look great and also help to protect it from damage down the road.

Keep Your Porch Functional and Guest Friendly 

Other damage, such as large cracks or pieces falling off, usually requires more involved concrete porch repairs.  If the damage is caused by water or by the freezing and thawing action of ice, you must first repair whatever is allowing the water and ice to be present.  If you don't do this it is a waste of time and money to repair the porch because the damage will just occur again.  Significant damage may require digging out portions of the porch, building a new form, and pouring new concrete.  Regardless of what you ultimately decide to do, performing common concrete porch repairs will help your porch stay attractive and functional for many years to come.

You can start your porch addition today by receiving free estimates from local contractors now! For more information on porch addition projects and other home remodeling tips check out more articles.

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